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against them. . . you could be forgiven for thinking the tories won that election because they tend to
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have these rules seats. whereas the labor seats, cluster around these densely populated urban areas and the southeast, the successes of the mid dens are magnified the pool these big whirl areas of northwest scotland, and the southwest of england. so what happens if we modify the map to give a more accurate reflection of what actually happened? this time we made each constituency the same size hexagon and you get some more realistic sense of what really went on. for its success are limited to the south, very little success in the north. just one seat in scotland. try to bring in a historical perspective to give you a real sense of that. let's go first of all to 79. that was the last time the
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tories seized power from labor. very different picture. >> big prayers in scotland 30 years ago and quite a few tory seats in the northwest in your chair. truly national passing. >> 83 still blue, 87 still blue and that historic labor landslide bringing tony blair to power here, very different picture. >> hastings going labor, selfgate, labor and everett won or dreamed of it before that historic election. >> in 2005 the way we voted last time around, it is often said that this election will be fought and the won on a few small areas. i will show you how vulnerable
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particular seats actually are. this is a patchwork map. it looks confusing but i will talk you through it. the dark blue and red, those represent the safest seats. look at the pale colors, this little primrose color for the s&p in scotland, slightly lighter green in wales. this gives you a sense of more vulnerable seats. we are going to look at labor in particular to give you a sense of one example. these risky pinks compared to the dark red, be safe seats and possibly the most interesting battleground seats. >> these of the seats the tories need to gain for an outright majority of the house of commons. the suburban seats and the south, a couple interesting speaks.
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xs in the cultural secretary. two cabinet ministers could lose their seats to the conservancy's if they really do win an outright majority. >> a couple of key numbers for the election. if labor wants to stay in power they cannot lose more than 24 seats. the conservatives want to become the biggest party, they need to win 71 seats and if david cameron wants to head up a parliamentary majority he needs 11716 seats. that gives him a majority of two. it is a struggle for either of the main parties but we will be here on the night delving into that detail and the trends of the seats. you will be seeing a lot more of us. >> congress has created a financial crisis inquiry commission to investigate and report on the causes of the 2008 economic crisis. they will be looking into some prime lending and citigroup.
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c-span2 will have live coverage of all of this week's hearings. the commission hears testimony from former federal reserve chairman alan greenspan. they will also hear from former city group risk managers. you can watch it live on c-span2 and at >> all this month, see the winners of the student can documentary competition. middle and high school students from 45 states submitted videos on one of the country's greatest strength or challenge the country is facing. watch the top winning videos every morning on c-span at 6:15 just before washington journal and at 8:30 meet the students who made them and for a preview of all the winners visit the secretary of the department of health and human services, kathleen sebelius was at the press comes yesterday to talk about health care bill signed
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into law and what her agency is doing to implement it. this is an hour. [inaudible conversations] >> good afternoon and welcome to the national press club. i am a reporter for bloomberg news and the president of the national press club. we are the leading professional organization for journalists and are committed to our future and by posturing a free press worldwide. for more information about the national press club please visit www. to donate to our program please visit on behalf of our members worldwide i welcome our speaker and our attendees which include guests of our speaker as well as working journalists and i would
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like to welcome our c-span and public radio audiences. after the speech concludes i will ask as many audience questions as time permits. from your right, carlos hammond, in washington. mary lou donahue, producer and editor of artistically speaking. peggy eastman, from publishing enterprises. jean landru, and health report for reuters. special adviser to the secretary and guest of the speakers. melissa progress will vice chair of our speakers committee and producer for news book media. and doris, president of editorial associate, former editor and publisher of the health report and national press club's speakers' committee
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member who arranged today's luncheon. merriman catheter the digital principal deputy administrator for the center for medicare and guest of the speakers. martha kramer, associate editor of the kipling your letter. luke russert, nbc news correspondent for congress and a new member of the national press club and genie friar, veteran associated press newsmen and a member of the national press club. [applause] kathleen sebelius, the and of the health of the apartment of human services lead the principal agency charged with keeping americans healthy and 80,000 employee institutions have been the focus of some of the obama administration's top priorities. as the country's highest-ranking health officials she has been a powerful voice in reforming the health insurance system along with coordinating response to the 2009 swine flu virus and it range of services from health
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care to child care to energy assistance during the economic downturn. kathleen sebelius whose father was governor of ohio and whose father in law with the kansas congressman has decades of political experience in her own right. she served in the kansas house of representatives until 1995 followed by eight years of the insurance commissioner where she was selected as public official of the year for 2,000 by governing magazine. in 2002 she was elected governor of kansas and was reelected for another four year term. in 2005 can magazine named her one of america's top five governors. she has two sons and her husband is a federal magistrate and a judge who claims the title of first dude years before todd pailin attempted to take it as his own. she has played a prominent role in crafting the health care reform legislation and was with the president when he signed it into law two weeks ago. today she will seek to expand
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our understanding of this complex and controver


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